Enhancing Customer Engagement in the Health Sector with WhatTalk - Nakusikizia's WhatsApp Marketing Software

In the current digital world, it’s common for patients to seek and receive healthcare services online. Healthcare providers are increasingly embracing telemedicine to provide and support remote health care. 


And with over 2 billion active users worldwide and a 98% message open rate, WhatsApp is helping healthcare professionals to meet patients where they are.

Today, you will learn how WhatTalk, Nakusikizia’s WhatsApp marketing software, is helping to transform customer engagement in the health sector.

WhatsApp for Healthcare: The Problem

Traditional healthcare practices encounter difficulties in providing convenient access to high-quality care. Below are three common problems:

1. Limitations of Appointment Scheduling via Phone Calls and Internet Tools

Appointment scheduling can be time-consuming, costly, and inconvenient. This is especially true due to various limitations, such as long waiting times and the inflexibility of the systems.

2. Difficulties in Recording Physical Examination Details Over the Phone

Accurate data recording can be challenging due to a lack of visual cues and misunderstandings. This can subsequently bring about medical errors leading to patient deaths.

3. Long Wait Times for Live Person Assistance Due to High Call Volumes

Patients often spend a significant amount of time waiting for assistance, ultimately leading to their dissatisfaction. Due to the delays, appointments are sometimes rescheduled to the patients’ disappointment.

WhatsApp for Healthcare: The Solution

Nakusikizia’s WhatsApp Marketing Software, WhatTalk, addresses these challenges by offering several features and benefits, including:

This allows patients to queue for appointments and receive notifications when it’s their turn.

You can schedule and send appointment reminders and confirmations to patients.

This enables healthcare providers to send lab results to patients via WhatsApp.

Patients can provide feedback via WhatsApp.

Healthcare providers can access patient data via WhatsApp.

Patients can receive professional mental health counseling.

Data from patients via WhatsApp can help with faster medical evaluation.

Healthcare providers get to keep records of patient interactions.

Health providers can always share health tips with patients via WhatsApp.

Patients can receive professional mental health counseling.

Healthcare practitioners can collaborate and connect within a hybrid work environment.

Allows healthcare providers to automate and personalize client interactions.

WhatsApp for Healthcare: Best Practices When Using WhatsApp Business API

To effectively utilize the platform in healthcare settings, you need to adhere to the following WhatsApp tips and best practices:

Best Practice
Set up personalized welcome messages for immediate patient contact
Patients feel welcomed and valued
Create quick links for initiating private WhatsApp chats without sharing phone numbers
Easy and convenient for patients to contact healthcare providers without sharing personal information
Utilize encrypted video and audio communications for remote consultations
Enables healthcare providers to provide care to patients who are unable to travel to a clinic or hospital
Use broadcast lists for reaching multiple recipients with personalized messages
Ensures all patients receive important information such as appointment reminders or lab results
Implement away messages and share updates through WhatsApp status
Keeps patients informed about the business, including operating hours and location changes

These tips will help enhance patient communication, improve service delivery efficiency, and increase patient satisfaction.

Embrace a Healthy Future with WhatTalk

WhatsApp can revolutionize patient communication and appointment management. Nakusikizia’s WhatsApp Marketing software, WhatTalk, offers many features and benefits for the health sector.


From its live chat feature to chatbots and personalized interactions, WhatTalk can help you reach and better serve patients. 

To improve communication with patients, provide convenient access to care, and deliver high-quality care, start your free trial of WhatTalk today. You can also book a demo with us to explain how to use the software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does WhatTalk support private patient chats?
Can WhatTalk be used for group updates?

Yes, WhatTalk supports broadcast lists for group updates.


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