Expand Your Customer Support with WhatTalk

Did you know that 175 million people message a business on WhatsApp daily? Today’s consumers find messaging an easy way to communicate with businesses. And with over two billion active users, companies are increasingly adopting WhatsApp for customer support.


Learn how WhatTalk, Nakusikizia’s WhatsApp Marketing software, can help expand your customer support.

Give Your Customers a World-Class Support Experience with WhatTalk

What if we told you you could revolutionize customer support with a single solution? From answering common customer queries to giving updates, WhatTalk is an excellent customer support tool. 


Here’s what makes WhatTalk ideal for customer service:

In addition to its excellent numbers, here’s how WhatTalk can help transform your customer service:

1. Provide Stellar Customer Service and Instant Resolutions

You don’t require a human skillset for the most common and repetitive customer queries. WhatTalk by Nakusikizia Technologies takes care of these to free up your agents for more complex issues.

From FAQS and repetitive questions, our chatbot is trained to offer instant query redressal. This allows you to provide both human and chatbot agents. Ultimately, faster response and resolution times will enhance the overall customer experience with your brand.

2. Instantly Route Complex Questions

With WhatTalk’s on-point routing capabilities, there is no more waiting. The software will assign the right agent for each issue that needs human attention.

Passing complex issues to live agents ensures better customer assistance. Plus, it helps reduce waiting and response times, eventually strengthening your customer support.

3. Offer 24/7 Customer Support

With WhatTalk, there will be no more queues. 24/7 customer support can take your customer care to an altogether new level. 


Our auto-reply and live chat features keep your answers ready for FAQs and repetitive questions. That means your customer support will go on anytime, even without human intervention.

Why Choose WhatTalk for Your Customer Support?

With so many options, you may wonder why you should choose us. Well, here are WhatTalk’s unique features and benefits:

1. Unlimited Agents

We know that customer support is essential to the success of your business. That’s why we offer no cap on your customer support team.

2. Green Tick

Improve your business credibility and trust with the green tick verification badge. People are more likely to purchase from verified businesses.

3. Shared inbox

Manage customer support with a single, unified console. Receive all customer questions and visitor queries in one place and easily tag conversations to make them easier to manage and organize. You can also utilize notes to save critical information.

4. Automation

WhatTalk can handle the repetitive, time-consuming tasks that bog down your agents. This frees your agents to address more complex issues, increasing customer satisfaction.

5. Measure Efficiency

By tracking your customer support team’s response time and query closure rates, you can identify areas for improvement and learn how your team members are performing.

Elevate Your Customer Support with WhatTalk

WhatTalk by Nakusikizia allows you to step up your customer support game. You can show customers that you value their business and are committed to providing a positive experience through timely response and resolution.


WhatTalk can take your customer support to new levels by offering:

Our Client’s Voice

Joseph Michaels

Joseph Michaels

Senior Marketing Manager
I added extra agents to our business account so they could respond to consumer inquiries using Nakusikizia's software. It is a comprehensive WhatsApp CRM tool with excellent customer service support

Frequently Asked Questions

Is WhatTalk messaging secure?
What's the main advantage of WhatTalk?

WhatTalk provides unique features to streamline and upgrade your customer support. For instance, you will get a green tick verification badge to enhance your brand credibility and business prospects.

How Do I Get Started?

Capitalize on the unlimited possibilities of WhatTalk by claiming your free trial today. You can also book a free demo with us for further explanation of how the software works. 


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