Introduction to the Smart Agent Chat

What if the bot is not able to answer your users’ questions? We would need a human to intervene and provide resolution to those queries. You can easily connect your bot with an agent chat solution on our platform by using the Smart Agent Chat tool

The Chat Solutions is powered entirely by Artificial Intelligence (AI) or by a combination of AI and Chat Agents. This tool is created for operationally managing user chats, by establishing a connection between a bot and an agent.

The Smart Agent Chat

Agents and Team Leads are the users of this tool. They can take daily chats on their business as agents and analyze or monitor chats as team leads.

Main Components

There are three sections in this tool:

  1. My Chats – This section is used by agents.
  2. Businesses – This section is used by business owners or team leads.
  3. Teams – This section is used by team leads.

My Chats is a section, where you converse with users i.e. agents receive and send messages.

Tip: In case a bot is unable to respond to a query, which is outside the chat flow,the chat is handed over to a chat agent.

Chat flows are designed to guide the user through a specific problem and to ensure the best experience for all users. And our Smart Agent Chat tool helps connect users to agents for answering their queries.

Tip: “Agents” are people who chat with the users on the tool.

Businesses and Teams are sections to analyze your business/team data and configure respective settings for incoming chats. 


The sidebar remains constant throughout the tool.

  • You can check the latest features and releases from the sidebar as shown below:
  • The toggle buttons help you to navigate to different tools to which you have access.
  • From the My Profile option, you can check your profile and see all the accounts you have access to.
  • You can also logout from the platform using the Logout option
  • The Help section allows you to raise any query/issue you are facing with the platform.