Top 7 Actions in the Shared Inbox

A collaborative WhatTalk inbox empowers you to access and manage customer conversations. It’s a centralized point of contact where you can:

  • Assign and reassign chats
  • Broadcast multimedia and personalized messages
  • Provide private chat notes/comments on clients
  • Categorize messagesΒ 
  • Send canny messages and more!

This all-in-one inbox facilitates seamless communication, enabling productive enhancement and stress reduction. Here are the key features of a shared inbox in WhatTalk.

1. Message Categorization

WhatTalk offers five types of classifications that enhance inbox organization:

  1. All: View all messages at a glance.
  2. New: Newly received messages to action upon.
  3. Mine: Messages assigned to you.
  4. Unread: Keep track of unattended messages.
  5. Archived: Older messages available for historical reference.

A shared inbox ensures everyone has transparent visibility into task assignments and work distribution.

2. Chat Actions

In addition to message categorization, a shared inbox ensures different chat actions. WhatTalk’s streamlined interface allows the following actions:

  • Mark as Done: Flag a complete conversation.
  • Mark as Unread: Set a conversation for future reference.
  • Unarchive: Bring back a chat from archived items.
  • Clear Chat: Erase chat content while retaining the contact.
  • Close Chat: Finish a conversation first before handling new incoming messages.
  • Delete: Remove obsolete conversations.

Ultimately, this helps you better serve each customer while avoiding confusion.

3. Canny Replies

With a shared inbox, you can use canned responses for repetitive questions to save time. These replies can be media-inclusive to enhance user satisfaction further.

For instance, you can schedule messages containing different media such as images, audio, videos, location pins, and GIFs.

4. General Details

With WhatTalk’s customer support, you can gain a better understanding by viewing personal details like customers’:

  • WhatsApp numbers
  • Facebook profiles
  • Websites and eCommerce stores
  • WhatsApp name and more.

Generally, you learn important customer details, helping you improve your marketing strategies.

5. Chat Notes

A shared inbox allows you to add private notes during a chat for future reference or agent collaboration. All team members can leave notes on the customer they’re chatting with for better customer support.

6. Switch Filter

The switch filter feature on WhatTalk’s shared inbox allows you to filter messages based on different criteria, such as sender and message status. You can toggle to sift through messages using filters.

For example, if you want to filter all messages sent within the past week, you would filter by entering the start and end dates.

7. Team Roles

WhatTalk allows you to add team members to your shared inbox and assign them roles for effective customer management and access controls. You get to grant specific privileges for maximum efficiency.

For example, you can set permissions and control the level of access to team members. You can also grant specific privileges on message categorization and chat actions.

7 Actions in The Shared Inbox

Unleash the Power of WhatTalk

Thanks to WhatTalk’s shared inbox, you can unlock many impeccable features. Leverage the power of a collaborative inbox and make customer chat management on WhatTalk a breeze!Β 

It’s time to say goodbye to cluttered inboxes and optimize your messaging with WhatTalk. Contact us to start your journey today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Secure is the Shared Inbox in WhatTalk?
Are pre-canned replies limited to text?

Not at all! You can include multimedia in your pre-canned responses for comprehensive customer support- Documents, videos, text, Images and Pin Location.

Are all members allowed to perform all actions and access all client messages based on categorisation?

For effective collaboration, each brand can define roles with different permissions. Your admin will determine which actions you can perform and which categories of messages you can view. However, it’s advisable to allow everyone to view all unassigned messages, and you can always have access to your personal “Mine” messages.

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