Explore the power of WhatsApp groups and expand your reach with WhatBot by Nakusikizia.

Our desktop based WhatsApp chatbot allows you to:

Don’t settle for ordinary when you can tap into the extraordinary potential of WhatsApp groups. Provide your WhatsApp group members with real-time, exciting updates and offers, and watch your brand reach new heights!

Nakusikizia’s WhatBot will revolutionize the way you connect with your customers. 

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Ignite your sales potential with Nakusikizia

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WhatBot Features

Unlock the incredible potential of WhatsApp groups with the following WhatBot features:

WhatsApp Number Filter
Multiple Accounts Use

Switch between several WhatsApp accounts seamlessly to expand your audience and engagement. Leverage the sequential use of the accounts.

Import/Export Contacts

Manage your contacts with ease using our platform’s simple import and export features for:

  • Hassle-free management and organization of your valuable contacts
  • Quick integration of contacts from various sources into our platform 
  • Convenient back up or transfer your data as needed
  • Effective categorization and segmentation of your contacts for targeted marketing campaigns. 
  • Optimization of your workflow and reduction of manual data entry saving time spent on administrative tasks.

With the Nakusikizia WhatBot platform, you can rest assured that your contact data is secure throughout the import/export process. 

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Multimedia Messaging

Use our WhatBot platform to unlock unlimited messaging potential at no extra cost, reaching your audience effortlessly. Go beyond simple text messages and captivate your audience with captivating image attachments and engaging video content.

Our platform allows you to send pdf files, jpeg and many more.

WhatsApp Group Number Extractor

Extract WhatsApp numbers from relevant groups to expand your reach and develop a targeted audience. 

Automated Responses

Engage your audience using automated responses and predefined reply rules. Using our platform, you can ensure every message receives a prompt and personalized response, improving customer satisfaction.

Group Broadcasts

Boost your message’s impact by broadcasting to several WhatsApp groups at once. Nakusikizia WhatBot allows you to send unlimited messages to thousands of WhatsApp groups for a wider reach.

Delivery Report

WhatBot comprehensive delivery reports give you valuable insights of the effectiveness of your campaigns. You can know who read the message and when they read it.

Message Scheduler

 Use WhatBot advanced Scheduler feature to deliver messages at the ideal moment for maximum engagement. Schedule messages to reach your audience when they’re most active online and avoid manual reminders. 

Personalized Messaging

Boost online engagement by using personalized messaging feature.

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