Where Can We Check Feedback Analytics?

Now that we have seen how feedback will be collected within the bot flow. Let’s take a look at how the collected feedback will be viewed on Intelligent Analytics

You need to visit the Intelligent Analytics of your bot and visit the Feedback section. There you will get to see all the CSAT and NPS ratings your bot has received from the users, as shown.

In the case of CSAT, if a user replies to “Was I able to help you?” with a Yes, and abandons the chat, by default the rating is captured as 5. 

In your bot’s analytics, you would see this rating with a default message, and the purpose of this message is to let you know that this rating has been generated since the user did not stay on the chat post replying to the feedback message. 

Why is the default rating been captured as 5, in this scenario?

  • As we have seen above, we register the CSAT rating as if the user responds with No. If we do not default Yes to anything then the total number of feedback i.e negative CSAT rating increases.
  • This not only negatively tilts your CSAT, but it is also a false representation of CSAT since there were many people who said “Yes” but just did not leave a rating.
  • From studying the data, we have observed that 52% of people who clicked on “Yes” gave a 5-star rating, whereas 24% left a 4-star rating. The remaining percentages of 1,2 and 3 ratings are minimal. However, the positive ratings after clicking on “Yes” are always the dominant majority. Hence if a user clicks on “Yes” and leaves without giving any rating, we default the CSAT rating to “5”

It might happen that after checking the Feedback analytics, you come to know that the ratings given by the users are low. In this case, you need to improve your bot, so as to boost your ratings.