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Shared Team Inbox

Enjoy Fast and Efficient Team Collaboration!

Allow different teams to use the same platform and improve customer support workflow using WhatTalk by Nakusikizia.

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Your All-In-One Solution for Team Collaborations

Seamless Collaboration

Shared Team Inbox

Simplify teamwork with WhatTalk’s shared team inbox. Collaborate effortlessly as team members from different departments unite under one inbox and a single WhatsApp number.

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Better Customer Service Management

Assignment, Ticketing and Filter

Streamline assignment, ticketing, and filtering processes, providing all the tools necessary to deliver exceptional customer support. Empower your team to focus on delivering better service and maximizing customer satisfaction.

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Extra Strength

Use Your Preferred Apps

Maximize your communication on WhatsApp by connecting with your favorite apps with ease..

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Key Features of Our Shared Inbox