Send Messages to Hundreds of Mobile Numbers at a time

Blast messages to a large number of users with just a simple click. Messages can be sent to any country and the tool can also be used anywhere in the world.

Personalized Messaging

Send personalized WhatsApp with receiver’s name eg Dear {first name}, How is {Company Name}.

Campaign Management

Powerful WhatsApp, Campaigns Scheduler, & Campaigns Management.

Customized Sender ID

Use an existing registered mobile phone number as sender ID for all messages

Contacts Management/Import Excel

Manage your entire list of thousands of contacts by easily importing or copy & pasting.

Multiple Sender ID

Use more than 1 senders

Highest Delivery & Open Rate

Our platform is optimized for reliable global delivery at any scale. Free and Regular Software Updates

Customize Dashboard Colour Theme

You can change the dashboard colour theme from green to any colour you want

Send Messages to Unsaved Numbers

You can also send WhatsApp messages to numbers NOTsaved in your mobile phone or to users who DON’T HAVE your number saved in their mobile phones if you wish as long as you adhere to the special settings built in the software. (This function is ideal for people wishing to reach out to prospective customers / clients via whatsapp)

Al anti blocking system

Comes with an Artificial AI blocking system to safeguard your sending.