Supercharge Your Marketing with Nakusikizia Technologies

Broadcast WhatsApp campaigns to unlimited users

Automate messages via integrations

Enable live chat by several agents for customer support


Create chatbots for 24/7 customer support and engagement

Collaborate and Engage Efficiently With Shared WhatsApp Inbox

Empower your team with our Shared Inbox feature that allows multiple agents to supervise the shared inbox for:

Think Engagement, Not Just Broadcast For Your Business

Have personalized conversations with customers and prospects that message on WhatsApp to engage and convert them.

Maximize customer engagement with Nakusikizia for:

Reduced Template Approvals

Share engaging content without template approvals.

Batch Deliveries

Queue for deliveries across multiple days with broadcasts that exceed your tier’s send limit.


Get details on the performance of your campaigns and re-target accordingly.

Multimedia Messaging

Use images, videos, and rich media posts to keep your audience engaged.

Schedule Deliveries

Schedule messages for delivery when clients are most active on WhatsApp.

Build Your Audience on WhatsApp

Build & grow your audience on WhatsApp by using Nakusikizia WhatsApp marketing tools to:

Get the Green Tick Mark

Get the Verified Green Tick Mark to Stand out as a trusted and verified business and showcase your credibility to your customers.

Run Click to WhatsApp Ads to Supercharge Your Lead Generation

Run targeted Facebook and Instagram ads that effortlessly connect to WhatsApp and get 5X more leads and at least two instant conversions.

Use the Nakusikizia platform to:

Build captivating Click to WhatsApp ads.

Track and organize leads based on ad campaigns for efficient segmentation


Create interactive chatbot flows for specific ads or use broadcasts to retarget customers

Manage Contacts Efficiently With In Built CRM

With our In-built CRM feature, you can:

Request a Trial Key

Get full access to all features and functionalities of the Nakusikizia platform and experience its power and capabilities firsthand for free to make an informed decision.

Get Detailed Reports to Run Effective Campaigns

Our WhatsApp marketing platform offers in-depth, real-time analytics on message deliveries, reads, and replies to:

Choose WhatsApp for Actionable Notifications and Customer Support

Here are WhatsApp statistics to consider before overlooking WhatsApp marketing for your business:


Open Rates

Near guaranteed visibility of your messages.


Click Rates

High likelihood of users taking action.

2B Users

Expansive and diverse audience on a global scale.

Onboarding, Product & Support

We are excellent in all of it!

Let’s hear it from our Successful Customers:

"I added extra agents to our business account so they could respond to consumer inquiries using Nakusikizia software. It is a comprehensive WhatsApp CRM tool with excellent customer service support."

Joseph Michaels

Senior Marketing Manager

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