How to Set Up Smart Agent Chat

How to Set Up Smart Agent Chat

As you have seen in the introduction article what Smart Agent Chat is, you would know that a chat reaches an agent on any one of the two occasions when there is a bot break or when the user explicitly requests to chat with an agent. On Smart Agent Chat, the user’s chat is first allocated to a team and then an agent from the team is assigned the chat.

There are 5 stages you will need to configure to complete the setup of Smart Agent Chat.

1. Set up a Team of Agents

A team consists of all the agents. The agents in the team will be assigned user chats. In the team setup, you can also manage the agents with respect to their status, concurrency, set up three different types of automated messages, and so on.

2. Set Up Chat Routing Algorithm

Once the team has been set, you can select a Chat Routing Algorithm. Depending on the selected algorithm, the agents will receive the chats. There are two algorithms –

  • Balanced distribution
  • Speedy resolution

3. Set Up Closing Categories

You can set up Closing Categories which agents have to select while closing a chat. This will help you analyze the types of queries users come up with.

4. Transferring Chats to Agents

You can transfer the chats to agents, in order to avoid Bot Break scenarios.

5. Adding Canned Responses

Canned Responses are predefined responses uploaded prior, which can easily be used by agents to reduce response time.

Once you have completed these stages, you can now test the connection by sending a message to the bot.

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