Why Your Business Needs a WhatsApp Green Tick and Its Benefits

Why Your Business Needs a WhatsApp Green Tick and Its Benefits

Consumers in this fast-paced digital world seek prompt, brief, and friendly business communication. WhatsApp Business API provides a reliable and secure messaging platform for effective business-to-consumer communication. The WhatsApp green tick verification improves communication by giving customers confidence in your brand.


What Is A WhatsApp Green Tick?

The WhatsApp Green Tick badge symbolizes authenticity that appears next to WhatsApp business accounts. It shows that the account is a legitimate business account verified by WhatsApp. This verification helps build customer trust by increasing the sense of security.

Benefits of Having a WhatsApp Green Tick

Having the WhatsApp green tick on your business account has the following benefits for you and your customers:

1. Increasing Trust and Credibility

The WhatsApp green tick enhances your brand’s credibility and trust among current and potential clients. Customers are more likely to trust your company, increasing brand loyalty. 

2. Improving Customer Communication

With the verified business account, the name in the WhatsApp user interface displays in place of the phone number. Customers can know they are talking to your brand, improving their involvement in the conversation.

3. Enhancing Brand Recognition

 A verified business account distinguishes your company from most of its rivals. The WhatsApp green tick verification boosts your marketing efforts to draw new clients and raise brand recognition.

4. Increasing Business Prospects

The WhatsApp verification mark makes it simpler for prospective clients to locate and interact with your company. Because prospects can trust your account, you may get new partnerships, collaborations, and clients through WhatsApp. 

5. Increasing Sales and Income

Your business is more likely to turn inquiries into sales when you establish credibility and trust with prospective clients. More sales mean better business and increased income.

How to Obtain a WhatsApp Green Tick

Here is the four-step process of applying for a WhatsApp green tick to enjoy all its benefits:

1. Get the WhatsApp API

Create your WhatsApp business account by registering for the WhatsApp Business API through a business solution provider. The badge is not available in the WhatsApp business app or normal WhatsApp.

2. Run Frequent WhatsApp Campaigns

Sending WhatsApp messages through your business account to over 1,000 people daily improves your chances of getting the green tick. WhatsApp can see that you are committed to WhatsApp.

3. Request the Green Tick through Your WhatsApp Business Providers

WhatsApp Business Service Providers-WBSP like Nakusikizia  have a working arrangement with Meta. They can help your brand with the process of green tick application.

4. Wait For Approval

WhatsApp takes a few days to decide on your green tick application. You will know it worked when the green badge appears in your account.


To qualify for the verification process, you must have a:

  • WhatsApp Business API account
  • A registered business
  • Organic press coverage

Leverage WhatsApp Commerce With Nakusikizia!

The WhatsApp Green Tick verification can fuel your WhatsApp marketing efforts by building trust and credibility. Start with the WhatsApp Business API integration from Nakusikizia to get the green tick verification and improve customer communication and loyalty.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage of green tick in WhatsApp?

The WhatsApp green tick helps you establish an authentic brand identity. Users will trust your brand when they receive your messages and see the Green Badge.

What is the green tick on WhatsApp business?

The green tick is an authentication checkmark next to a company name in WhatsApp. It signals that a WhatsApp account is official, having undergone an extra verification step.

How much does the green tick on WhatsApp cost?

Applying for the Green Tick badge on your WhatsApp profile is free. Other businesses might charge you to apply on your behalf, but at Nakusikizia, we help all our clients apply for a WhatsApp Green tick.

Who decides if a brand gets the WhatsApp green badge?

The green tick is granted solely by WhatsApp, not the WhatsApp Business Provider like Nakusikizia. However, if you miss out on the green badge, Nakusikisizia will assist you in the reapplication process with WhatsApp. Rest assured, we’ve got you covered!

How Do I Get Started?

Book a demo with us today and one of our in-house Nakusikizia experts will personally explain how you can use any of our Nakusikizia products to supercharge engagement & automate tasks at every stage of you journey!

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